Please be aware that many white fillings and white crowns may have elements that may be toxic to your immune system. We use a “white filling” called a composite that contains no aluminum or polymer out gassing. It has consistently tested as bio compatible in the hundreds of patients tested over a 15-20 year period.

Detoxing the body of toxins within the deep tissues and cells of the body have taken place over many years time, so yes a slow detoxification is recommended. However, if the source is the mouth, then it is best to remove it all at once or as soon as possible in order for the total body detoxification process can begin. For instance, imagine a piece of radioactive plutonium imbedded in your leg muscle. Would it be best to remove it a small piece at a time, or all at once?  Until it is all gone, the body cannot effectively begin the detox process.

This bias may also be a result of the improper removal of mercury where a patient’s health took a turn for the worse. With the correct removal protocol, risk is very minimal.

Yes; however, the question is what is the best way. Mercury fillings do carry an electrical charge that determines the sequence of removal. There is also a 7,14, 21 day immune cycle based on white blood cell production that should be considered. Each patient is evaluated individually for the best possible treatment for that person.

No, unless recurrent caries exist. Due to the fact that all dental restoration micro-leak in some way meaning that bacteria find their way around everything, recurrent decay or caries usually exits especially under older restorations.

Good question. I have been working on a book, in fact the title was selected about 15-20 years ago as well as the chapter subtitles. In fact, the first several chapters are in rough draft. My goal is dissemination of truth base on clinical observation and research. However, time is the problem. It’s always a balancing act between clinic time, family time and other events of our lives.  When the time is right, it will happen.

Revision means to revise or change. By dental revision we mean a total change, in other words, to remove all of the dental poisons at one time usually under conscious sedation. This includes

mercury, aluminum, zirconium (if non-biocompatible), root canal teeth, and all known hidden dental infections.

Since the late 1970’s. In these early years, revisions were not “holistic” since I was not aware of certain dental poisons. These were done mainly on dental “fear” patients who wanted treatment under sedation.

Generally, pain is minimal; however, pain is a relative thing. Of the hundreds of patients treated, there were about a handful who desired a prescription pain medication. The vast majority do fine on a few doses of Motrin; some prefer a homeopathic remedy, and others require nothing at all.

Although I am at an age that many consider retirement, I am not of that mindset. I feel that I am in very good health and expect to continue helping those who seek my care. Yes, I have been a dentist for 46 years, and the journey, God willing, will continue.

Root canal treatment is performed on diseased teeth or teeth where decay has entered the pulp or “nerve” chamber. This is the blood supply or life of the tooth. Once the circulation is removed, it becomes a non-vital or dead tooth. If the blood supply is cut off from say a kidney, the kidney dies and if not removed can become gangrenous. The same thing happens to a tooth, it becomes a low grade type of gangrene. Bacteria studies clearly show this type of bacteria found in root canal teeth.

No. Once the blood supply is gone, usually by infection, it cannot be restored by the powers of man. Treatment today is either a root canal or extraction.

In my opinion, no. I completely understand the inquiry of someone trying to save a tooth–after all, no one wants to lose a tooth or multiple teeth. There is no research supporting long-term kill of bacteria within a pulpless or dead tooth using such things as ozone or natural antibiotic remedies used in the initial treatment. In years past, pure silver (called a silver point) a known antimicrobial was used to fill the canals. Many of these root canal failed due to unchecked bacterial growth. There are approximately three miles of microtubules within each tooth that cannot be seen with the naked eye which simply cannot be accessed.

It will help, yet keep in mind the research of Dr. Weston Price. He studied peoples of isolated cultures. They were exceptionally healthy. They had straight teeth, no impacted wisdom teeth, no decay or gum disease. They had NO toothbrushes, NO dental floss, NO toothpaste. They also had no access to our western foods such as sugar, refined white flour, soda pop, candy, etc.  Diet is the key.


Dr Paul V. Gallo, DDS has moved to a new location. He sold his dental practice of 42 years to his associate of 12 years, Dr. Lauren Chan, about 1½ years ago, and an agreed-upon time to continue in the same Joliet location has expired. Dr. Gallo has elected to continue serving the dental needs of patients who seek his care. He will be practicing with Dr. Janet Stopka, a highly respected biocompatible dentist in the south suburban area. She shares the same training and philosophy as Dr. Gallo who will have now have access to low radiation digital x-rays, high strength biocompatible restorations and crowns using CEREC (in office computer milled CAD/CAM) technology, and laser treatment if needed. After a brief time with family, Dr. Gallo will resume treatments in July and appointments can be made by calling 630-568-3406. He is looking forward to taking care of past patients as well as new patients.

The location of his new office is:

16W289 83rd St. Suite D
Burr Ridge, Il 60527

Phone (630) 568-3406

It is located just south of Interstate 55 on Kingery Road (Rt. 83), about ½ hour from both major Chicago airports.

You may contact Dr. Gallo directly at oralrestorevf@gmail.com Phone consultations are available.

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