Hello to all! It’s been a while since our last update; summer has finally arrived, and we hope that you are all taking in some sun and enjoying the season. Dr. Chan just had a beautiful healthy addition (#3) to her family in March, Mary Frances 7lbs 1 oz, 20”, and the grandchildren keep stacking up for Dr. Gallo-three since last July: Rosie (Theresa/Mike), Lucia (Melissa/Peter), Gabriella (Andrea/Simon) fifteen in all with #16 due in December! The mentoring as parents and grandparents is a lifelong commitment. We all have had various mentors in our lives, so Dr. Gallo wishes to speak about one of his.

I met Dr. Hal Huggins about 13 years ago-rather late in his career, and past midway in my own career. We became almost instant friends. I think the reason for this is simple: I was on my own path in seeking the truth, yet he had 50 years of research behind him to connect the dots. He was frustrated with many dentists that he trained who claimed to use protocols, yet treated specific dental problems in their own way.

When patients call a dentist (even some proclaimed “holistic” dentists) to ask if they follow the “Huggins Protocol” many respond “yes” simply because they no longer use mercury. However, the researched protocols are many and involve much more than simply not using mercury. They not only involve the proper method to remove old mercury fillings, but also the dangers of root canals, the proper techniques when removing teeth, biocompatible fillings and the potential dangers of implants of any kind.

Every dentist in the USA has heard of Hal Huggins, yet many have chosen not to follow his methods. Why? A paradigm shift in thinking is not always easy in any field.

Many scientists were ridiculed during their life for their advanced knowledge; Galileo was ridiculed for calling the earth “round” which is now accepted fact. In 1847, Dr. Semmelweis was ridiculed and dismissed from the English medical society for suggesting that washing one’s hands before delivering babies would decrease the infant death rate. Washing of the hands before all surgical procedures is now the standard of care. Dr. James Lind was ridiculed for suggesting that English sailors consume lemons (limes) aboard the long shipping voyages to prevent a disease called scurvy (now known as a Vitamin C deficiency). His advice was finally heeded some fifty years later which solved the scurvy problem. That is why the British sailors were called “limeys”.

These scientists were brutally attacked during their lifetimes as was Dr. Huggins. These scientists all became famous sometime after their death. So, I believe it shall be with Dr. Huggins. I was honored to have known him, and even more honored to be called his friend. He has referred hundreds of patients to me in the last years of his life, and his organization “Huggins Alliance for Health” still exists. His remnant team may be undergoing some reorganization, yet should be an excellent source for information as well as a source to order one of his nearly 20 authored books.

Just a word about the recent Netflix presentation titled “Root Cause”. I am familiar with a number of the presenters in this educational program who are well educated and highly respected. Dr. Huggins own immunological studies concluded that implants (metal or ceramic) are toxic to the body in several ways. Some people can handle dental implants better than others based on their own immune system, a system that changes day to day based on diet, stress, sleep, heredity, etc. One’s immune system generally gets weaker as they get older. On the same level, some folks can handle mercury fillings better than others. Some folks can handle root canals better than others even though Dr. Weston Price, Chief Researcher for the American Dental Association in the 1920’s proved that virtually all root canals are toxic.

A recent study by Branemark, a major manufacturer of dental implants concluded that 45% of implants failed after 9 years. Nobody wants to hear that a tooth or teeth should be removed, yet they DO want to hear that implants are the solution. I believe all patients should be informed as well as have the freedom to make their own decisions. Here at our office we prepare all extraction sites or previous extraction sites to where the bone will be healthy and full. This will allow implant placement in most cases if the patient so desires. Our preparation involves ozone, Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) as well as Hyperbaric Oxygen to stimulate bone growth.

Cone Beam Scan x-rays were mentioned as well. This higher radiation device is typically used for       implant placement and complex extractions. The presenters of “Root Cause” state that hidden dental infections cannot be determined without a cone beam scan. If this were so, why have thousands of dentists across the country using this technology failed to see these infections? After all, this technology has been around for about 15-20 years. It is my opinion that infections of the teeth and jaws can be determined in most cases with less invasive means and much less radiation. We have access to cone beam scan technology if the need is warranted, yet a “cone beam scan for everyone” theory is not our approach.

We have a new service at our office specific to Dr. Chan. This involves interceptive orthodontics. Most cases of crowded teeth involve a constricted upper arch which is best corrected in the formative years. Dr. Gallo would refer this treatment to a competent orthodontist in the past; however, Dr. Chan has perfected an approach using a removable appliance-like “invisalign for kids” that corrects the problem without all the wires. Please don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Chan or any of our well trained and informed staff members about this treatment.

The condition of your mouth and your general health are related. Please value your dental health and seek competent dental care; your life depends on it!


Yours for Better Dentistry,

Paul V. Gallo, DDS                            Lauren N. Chan, DDS


P.S. Please review our updated list of testimonies; patient experiences after hidden dental infections and toxic metals are removed.