Mercury Free, Holistic, Biological, and Biocompatible Dentist

DrPaulVGallo“HOLISTIC” or “BIOLOGICAL” are words commonly used in dentistry today. Please keep in mind that there are NO standards of care to reflect proper treatment protocols defining a “HOLISTIC” or “BIOLOGICAL” dentist.¬† The treatment research of Dr. Weston Price, Chief of Research for the American Dental Association some ninety years ago as well as the continued research of Dr. Hal Huggins is not always understood by many dentists claiming to be a “HOLISTIC” dentist. This involves the understanding of proper dental restorative materials, root canal therapy, periodontal therapy, as well as the replacement of teeth using implants and other materials. Many claiming to be “HOLISTIC” are simply mercury free, which is an excellent start.

My wake-up call to mercury came as a dentist in the U.S. Air Force. As the Assistant Base Dental Surgeon at a Texas Air Force Base in the late 70’s, my dental assistant spilled one drop of mercury on the floor. The proper procedure was to immediately notify the Base Environmental Team of the spill. They came over very quickly with HAZMAT outfits, personal oxygen supply, speaking to me through a microphone. When I observed all of this, I started to wonder why I was using this poison in patients mouths. This is where my journey began.

Under the care of a holistic minded medical practitioner, I do see overall health benefits of patients when known dental infections and toxins are removed using the proper protocols developed resulting from nearly 50 years of blood chemistry research. This of course starts with proper diagnosis of diseased teeth and dental infections. Bacteria isolated from dental infections as confirmed by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) DO harm to the body in other areas and has been associated with heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, respiratory disease as well as kidney, pancreatic, and blood cancer.

We make no medical claims or promises, yet we commonly observe many health improvements when treatment is performed with the proper protocols. This includes such responses as, “my brain fog is gone”, “I have more energy”, “you gave me my wife back”, “my sinuses are clear”. ¬†Mercury is a known neurological toxin, yet there are others. Many dental infections have anaerobic bacteria (live without oxygen) as a causative agent that emit toxins which may affect the body in some negative way. Yes, they are related in some way to other anaerobic bacteria such as botulism and tetanus.

This journey through the body teeth connection began over 40 years ago and continues through today. Many health care practitioners are realizing that the mouth is playing an important role in our health. Good luck in your quest for knowledge and maximum health.