Disclaimer: The following testimonies are from patients treated by Dr. Gallo. This treatment included the removal of non-compatible filling materials such as mercury, aluminum and nickel as well as removal of dental infections such as root canals, old extraction sites and implants under I.V. sedation and specific protocols. Dr. Gallo has made NO medical claims or promises of healing of any kind

“My arms used to feel weak while I was working. I feel improvement and more strength in both arms.”

BC, Illinois

“My digestive system is back to normal. I have been able to eat foods that I could not eat before. I have been depressed for the last 5 years. I am not depressed anymore and have not had any episodes.”

TC, Indiana

“I have had insomnia for years and I started sleeping through the night right away. After surgery I have only had to get up once through the night to use the washroom compared to 5-6 times a night.”

JB, Wisconsin

“I am very pleased! I am very happy I had the Dental revision by Dr. Gallo. My friends have complimented my smile and I feel my color looks better. My husband has noticed I do not look pale (sick looking) he notices a glow in my skin now.”

MB, Indiana

“My daily headache is gone! Biggest improvement.”

BB, Indiana

“I have had a chronic cough my cough is now a lot better (coughing spells).”

RV, Indiana

“My lower neck has always had a dull ache. Since surgery I have felt better in that area. My family and friends have also told me I do not look as puffy as I did before surgery.”

SF, Canada

“The pain in my arm has improved, I noticed the pain in my arm was gone since I woke up from surgery and the pain is still gone. I am starting to feel more like myself.”

PE, Alabama

“Friends of mine have noticed my mental clarity is better, I feel like I am on the right track.”

LD, Florida

“I noticed immediately that my post nasal drip and scratchy throat stopped soon after dental surgery.”

NA, Kentucky

“I am noticing good changes. I have a history of Irritable bowel- since surgery I have not had any of these symptoms. Digestion is much better.”

KS, Indiana

“I have noticed that I have not been losing as much hair as before surgery.”

HP, Illinois

“My legs have improved and they feel stronger. Before surgery by Dr. Gallo they always felt weak.”

GP, Minnesota

“My left ankle was always swollen since my surgery the swelling has subsided.”

MM, Mississippi

“I used to have diarrhea at all times (5-6 times a day). Now I feel normal and have normal stools.”

JR, Ohio

I have dealt with neck pain and now I no longer have the pain in my neck. I feel my chiropractic adjustments stay in place longer.”

GR, Illinois

“I have always feared the dentist and had anxiety going to one. I would drive a thousand miles to come out to that office due to the experience I had there.”

RL, Minnesota

“The joints in my hands have improved my hands do not hurt anymore.”

DK, Wisconsin

My digestive system in working better. It is now normal and I have frequent bowel movements.”

WG, Indiana

“I sleep better now and stopped drinking coffee. I am dreaming a lot more. My knees are better I can now bend down and get back up with ease. The tightness and soreness in my knees have lessened.”

BE, Illinois

“I am living pain free at right now since my surgery with Dr. Gallo. Very pleased.”

MB, Illinois

“It is the first time in a year that my body temperature is normal. My leg cramps, anxiety and depression have all improved tremendously.”

SB, Ohio

“My nose would always drip especially when I ate. I noticed that it has gotten better and is continuing to improve.”

LB, Illinois

“I do not feel pain anymore since my implant has been removed. I had the revision done to be proactive and not let my mouth affect my health.”

TA, Illinois

“Although Dr. Gallo made no medical promises, shortly after my revision where Dr. Gallo removed root canal teeth, dental infections and toxic metals, my migraine headaches stopped completely. Also, I no longer have any heart arrythmia”

CH, Michigan

“Earlier this year, I had a dental “clean up” by Dr. Gallo. I was on daily antibiotics over 8 years to treat chronic urinary tract infections. These infections are now gone and so are the antibiotics. Also, since day one of this comprehensive dental treatment, I have been free of all allergy medication. Feeling great and happy to have found Dr. Gallo!”

CF, Illinois


Dr Paul V. Gallo, DDS has moved to a new location. He sold his dental practice of 42 years to his associate of 12 years, Dr. Lauren Chan, about 1½ years ago, and an agreed-upon time to continue in the same Joliet location has expired. Dr. Gallo has elected to continue serving the dental needs of patients who seek his care. He will be practicing with Dr. Janet Stopka, a highly respected biocompatible dentist in the south suburban area. She shares the same training and philosophy as Dr. Gallo who will have now have access to low radiation digital x-rays, high strength biocompatible restorations and crowns using CEREC (in office computer milled CAD/CAM) technology, and laser treatment if needed. After a brief time with family, Dr. Gallo will resume treatments in July and appointments can be made by calling 630-568-3406. He is looking forward to taking care of past patients as well as new patients.

The location of his new office is:

16W289 83rd St. Suite D
Burr Ridge, Il 60527

Phone (630) 568-3406

It is located just south of Interstate 55 on Kingery Road (Rt. 83), about ½ hour from both major Chicago airports.

You may contact Dr. Gallo directly at oralrestorevf@gmail.com Phone consultations are available.