Disclaimer: The following testimonies are from patients treated by Dr. Gallo. This treatment included the removal of non-compatible filling materials such as mercury, aluminum and nickel as well as removal of dental infections such as root canals, old extraction sites and implants under I.V. sedation and specific protocols. Dr. Gallo has made NO medical claims or promises of healing of any kind

“I am not experiencing any more nausea and headaches are gone.”

RB, Michigan

“I have always slept well but I am now dreaming and I have not dreamt for 3 years.”

SW, Arkansas

“I sleep so much better now! I do not have to take medication anymore to help me sleep.”

BF, Arkansas

“I used to get really bad joint pains. Since surgery with Dr. Gallo I no longer has arthritis symptoms.”

LC, Idaho

“My energy has improved. At times my energy feels like I am in my 20’s. Also, I do not have to take my supplement for arthritis or my medication anymore. My medical doctor wanted me to double on my medication but I have not needed it since surgery.”

KR, Illinois

“I have noticed my rotator cuff is not painful while I sleep anymore.”

MS, Michigan

“My vision is clearer and I can breathe better, there is no congestion.”

NL, Wisconsin

“Prior to surgery I always had a severe headache prior to any social event (stress induced) I had extreme pain that would make me vomit. Since surgery with Dr. Gallo I have not experienced these headaches with stressful events.”

RB, Indiana

“I have had 20 years of lower back pain, I have gone every route to get to the bottom of it and since the revision I have not had the back pain. I noticed this immediately.”

JJ, Mexico

“I have had back and shoulder muscle pains. I have noticed that these pains have gone away. I have also always  had bowel trouble (constipation). I feel that after surgery my bowels returned to normal.”

FH, Indiana

“My sinuses have improved substantially. I have more free flowing air in the sinuses.”

TE, Illinois

“I had anxiety attacks before surgery and I haven’t had one since.”

KB, Indiana

“My skin is much clearer.”

MS, Illinois 

“My stools have been normal since surgery. I always had loose stools-undigested.”

MS, Minnesota

“The mental knowing that the mercury and bacteria are removed has been an uplifting experience.”

PR, Illinois

“I noticed two days after dental surgery by Dr. Gallo that my joints weren’t painful! I have been taking Glucosamine for the last 10 years. If I missed a dose I would notice. I have not taken the supplements since surgery.”

TM, Michigan

“My bad breath is gone.”

NS, Illinois

“I have lost 71 pounds and my body is getting stronger daily!”

JM, Kentucky

“The ringing in my ears have improved.”

KK, Bremen

“My eyes can focus better and I can see better.”

AK, Iowa

“The phantom pain is gone in my face and my heart palpitations are almost completely gone.”

BK, Illinois

“32 years ago after my sons birth a needle was jammed into my thigh. Numbness occurred for 32 years in the spot. After revision I noticed the numbness decreased by 90%. I am also much more cheerful and happier! I was used to feeling mildly depressed and anxious well before surgery. This was how I used to feel everyday it became normal.”

DJ, Illinois

“The pain and tingly hot sensation in my jaw in the upper left jaw bone is gone!”

RD, Wisconsin

“I feel like I can multitask now and this revision has definitely made a difference.”

SH, Illinois

“I had absolutely no energy! I am full of energy now and have not felt this good in a very long time. I also could not read for months, I can now read and stay focused. Thank you Dr. Gallo!”

MH, Michigan

“My skin is clearing up and the blotchy patches on my hands and arms are getting better. Since surgery I have lost 81 pounds and I feel less puffy in my face and body.”

DH, Illinois

“The tender spot in my back would shift back and forth but now I do not have this pain anymore. I am 99% pain free and I am very happy that I had the procedure done. I have also noticed that my sweet tooth went away immediately. I now crave good/nutritional foods.”

MH, Illinois

“I feel my stinky breath is no more! I used to not want to talk to people because of my breath. I can now talk to people without being self-conscious of my breath.”

MG. Illinois

I am 50 years of age. By the grace of God I was led to Dr. Paul Gallo. I had four root canals, very high mercury levels, and cavitations. After all of that was removed I have become a new person. When I would lay down at night, flashes of light would fill my closed eyes. This went on for several years. My eye doctor said that happens with age. Except for an occasional flash of light, these left immediately after surgery. I have had thyroid concerns, but am slowly getting off of the supplements for that condition and am doing great. I have a skip in my step and am so relieved to be mercury and bacteria free. Another great thing is my daughter’s freedom from acne and Candida. Her dermatologist diagnosed her with Candida after the antibiotics she was given for several years failed to help. Dr. Gallo suggested my daughter get her cavitations cleaned out. We are so grateful. Her face is clear and beautiful, her heart palpitations, flashes of light at night, and breathing problems have been healed. Thank you Dr. Gallo. We have been blessed”. S.F.

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the zillions of ways you worked to honor my body in your dental practice. You do a REMARKABLE job! I remain completely amazed at my experience with you the last 2 days. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being there. Thank you for being available. Thank you for caring for me!” B.C.

“No question that the revision was beneficial to my overall health and disposition. I would recommend the revision to others. Nothing good can come from having toxic metals in your mouth”. K.S.

“No longer need allergy shots and my skin is clearer”! J.R.

Patient Testimonials selectively available upon request or by appointment.



The most common observations by patients treated by Dr. Gallo involving full-mouth dental revisions were:

  • Thinking much clearer.

  • Increase in energy levels.

  • Ringing in the ears gone or nearly gone.

  • Improved skin complexion.

  • Weight loss.

  • Much more restful night’s sleep.

There were a multitude of other observations; yet, the above changes were most common.


Dr Paul V. Gallo, DDS has moved to a new location. He sold his dental practice of 42 years to his associate of 12 years, Dr. Lauren Chan, about 1½ years ago, and an agreed-upon time to continue in the same Joliet location has expired. Dr. Gallo has elected to continue serving the dental needs of patients who seek his care. He will be practicing with Dr. Janet Stopka, a highly respected biocompatible dentist in the south suburban area. She shares the same training and philosophy as Dr. Gallo who will have now have access to low radiation digital x-rays, high strength biocompatible restorations and crowns using CEREC (in office computer milled CAD/CAM) technology, and laser treatment if needed. After a brief time with family, Dr. Gallo will resume treatments in July and appointments can be made by calling 630-568-3406. He is looking forward to taking care of past patients as well as new patients.

The location of his new office is:

16W289 83rd St. Suite D
Burr Ridge, Il 60527

Phone (630) 568-3406

It is located just south of Interstate 55 on Kingery Road (Rt. 83), about ½ hour from both major Chicago airports.

You may contact Dr. Gallo directly at oralrestorevf@gmail.com Phone consultations are available.