Dental and oral conditions can be understood only in relation to the whole body. Just as your foot bone’s connected to your ankle bone, your oral tissues are physically and energetically connected to every other part of you. Biological practitioners know that the body reflects what goes on in the mouth—and that the mouth reflects what goes on in the body. Dysfunction or disturbance in one area will eventually and invariably show up as illness in related areas of the body.
sunshineA biological approach is holistic, a blend of clinical practice, sound scientific knowledge and the traditions of natural healing. It does not automatically equate symptoms with illness. For what we call “symptoms” often indicate important signs of healing. To suppress these symptoms and call it “cure” is both superficial and shortsighted. And by ignoring the actual causes of illness, this allopathic practice leaves the patient vulnerable to even more dysfunction and future disease.


In contrast, biological practitioners try to find the systemic causes of illness. To remove the root cause is to take a major step towards healing. As a rule, they opt for the least invasive, least traumatic and least toxic means of diagnosis and treatment. True biological care supports the body’s natural abilities of self-healing and regeneration.


Biological practice is socially, spiritually, ecologically and environmentally aware. Its practitioners honor the right to informed consent. They know the human body is more than a collection of parts that can be mechanically worked on in isolation. Seeing us as whole, unified beings, they respect each person’s individual uniqueness and dignity. They are committed to providing the patient with the knowledge, tools and power to take charge of his or her health.
Biological practitioners know the profound impact they have on each other. They work together to help each patient heal and maintain his or her health and well-being. Health isn’t a condition. It’s a process. And it’s most sincerely engaged in when all involved consider and care for each person’s whole being. Success comes from cooperation—as, indeed, it must. For true healing and health involve the whole being: body, mind and spirit.